Thursday, 30 October 2014

Environment: Initial Thumbnails

Initial thumbnails of the environment just to get a clear idea of how we want the forest to look like. It's definitely going to be foggy and misty, most likely in shades of purple and golden colours.

Modelling: The Father - Head .2

1. The Ears

2. The Neck

3. The Throat

4. The Eyebrows

5. The Eyes

Modelling:The Son

Modelling the lips  

Modelling the Eyes 

Modelling the Nose

Monday, 27 October 2014

Modelling : The Son

Today I started the modelling for the son here is my progression so far. 

Blocking the Son 

Refine Blocking 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Character Design: Expression Sheets

The Son is sad and scared through out the story and I wanted to express this in his expression sheet I have also included his final colours chosen for the son this was chosen because it looked the most innocent. 

 The Daughter is initially friendly but very dangerous and evil and I wanted that to be depicted in her expression sheet showing the progression of going from very sweet in terms of her expression to shifty and then finally to terrifying. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Character Design: The Son Colour Test

The son needs to feel really sweet and innocent, I really like J, G and D I think that these colours are working the best.  Especially J, I think that the hair and skin tone with the clothing is working all together. 

Character Design: The Daughter Colour Test

The colour test for the Daughter my favourites are A,E,Gand H. A is a bit too dark and we need the girls to be initially approachable, I think that G, E or H would be more suitable. 

Character Design: The Father - Colour Test

Colour tests for the Father. The aim is a peasant, farm looking colours which don't make the character feel rich nor happy. Slightly dull and dirty with textures (yet to come) on top of that.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Character Design: The Daughter .04

I wanted to develop the crown and the eyes of the daughter after the many test I still liked the initial crown D and C.

For the eyes I like 1,8 and 4

Character Design: The Erlking - Colour Test

Colour tests for the Erlking, based on the theme of the autumn forest. 

Character Design: The Horse

I have been working on the horse trying to get the right face body and saddle, we decided on making the son and his father poor so we wanted a simple saddle and a friendly face for the horse that could also emote worry while the father is rushing to bring his son home.

After looking at these faces I went back to the face on the top of the the Initial Sketches sheet and lower his jaw  and made his face the find horse face. Also After doing the initial reins in the Horse development sheet we both like the rope reins more so I further developed some more reins below. 

D, became the favourite because it had enough interest in the front and still felt as though a farmer/ peasant would have tied his own rein in that way for his horse. 

The next thing to figure out was the mane and we ended up choosing no.3. 

The body that we liked most was A,which has a short tail and the proportions were just right. 

The Saddle was between G,B,E and H and I went with H Because I liked the simplicity it  had. 

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