Friday, 3 October 2014

Character Design: Daughter 01

The design for the daughters are suppose to reflect aspects of the forest, the daughter that I am focussing on personifies the poisonous animals that you might find in a forest. 

For the daughter I like E, I and  H if she had a little bit more of a feminine chin, and I like the markings on B. 
Developed faces 
Initial Faces 
Some of the faces here are a little too young because we thought that to allow the girls to not appear sexual they had to be younger but after discussing it we considered finding the right body type and outfit that wasn't too exposing would also change the sexual look that the girls had in the animatic. In the beginning I thought that because they were of the forest, they had to have every element of them covered with the forest. But the poem is written in the German Romantic era and we wanted to bring in some of those elements in their clothing. The drawings that I am leaning more towards combines the two elements, numbers 8, 10,7 and 4 I believe need to be developed further. 

Initial bodies and outfits

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