Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Horse Texturing

Texturing Progression

The algorithm had to be pushed until it worked in the correct areas I focussed on the ears to allow me to see if it was working correctly 

The specularity on the horse made him feel like porcelain, so the specular maps were needed in order to tone things down. 
The saddle had to be tattered and the blanket underneath also had to feel worn so I used the transparency maps to push the tattered look. 

I wanted the reins and the horse overall to keep the qualities of the consept art. Transparency maps helped me retain the look that the concept art pushed. 
Testing the image planes and the horse texture 

The Horse has a seam in the front legs and I had to play with the texture until it blended 

I wanted to push out some of the muscles of the horse in a subtle way from left to right shows the prgression of trying to capture this 
The Mouth Tongue and Teeth Textue

The Diffuse colours transparency maps and specular maps 

Final Horse Texture Turnaround
Final Horse Texture

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