Friday, 20 February 2015

The Son: Texturing Completed

Colour Blocking 

Initally figuring out the painterly texture on the face started of with the face shader but the painterly texture was not able to come through  very well because of the shader so I tried just using  a lambert but he was too pasty we then figured out that we could plug the texture into the diffuse layer and this gave us the colour pay off that we wanted while giving us the skin shader assets.

I wanted to try and break up the helmet layer of the hair so I played with the transparency and went in created the parting and little transparent strokes in the front to help the hair feel more like hair and keep with the painterly feel that we were trying to aim for.

after getting tthe colouring on the face correct i tryied to test out adding pores but decided to leave the son without pores because he looked better that way 

The brush strokes on the body then had to be figured out the son as a character is poor so i also wanted to give him a tattered appearance by playing with the transparecy and I thought that this would also keep things looking painterly also if he didnt have very clean edges. 

Testing the transparency on the edges of the clothing and getting the brush strokes to work 

Final texture 

Final Son Textured
Final close up of the face
The Painterd Uv maps with specular maps and transparency maps. Also the son had an under colour of skin to push out his cheek colour and lip colour 

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