Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Father - Texturing Part.3

1. Gloves and Hands

2. Tunic

3. Teeth and Gums

4. Diffuse Maps for the Model Completed

Next step is to paint textures for the additional brushstroke planes around the character and create additional maps that will enrich the looks of the model.


  1. Well done, its looking good.

    A couple of notes...

    1) Are you creating specular maps? If not make sure you do
    2) The Father has 'lazy-eyes' - You need to make a very small adjustment to your rig.
    3) I'm not entirely sure the face texture works yet...he looks a little zombie/ dead due to the lack of subsurface scattering (health/ blood). However this may be partially fixed by adjusting the eyes - both the shadowing (redness around the eye) and the eye positioning too - see me for advice